Chuck Norris Has POWERFUL Message For Christians On Election Day

There was a time when ministers had a Bible in one hand a gun in the other, says martial artist, actor and conservative commentator Chuck Norris, and it's not a zeal that Christians should shy away from when it comes to their involvement in politics as Election Day fast approaches.


Writing for World Net Daily, Norris pointed out that preachers during the American Revolution "were influential because they were not only unashamed when preaching the Word of God but also unabashed when speaking about every aspect of culture, which included their thoughts on morality, faith, war, who to vote for and a host of other topics that would be considered politically incorrect today."

Norris made it clear that, "Though the Sixth Amendment prohibited a religious test for the election of a president, the founders preferred to elect God-fearing politicians who upheld all the principles in our Constitution and truly believed that we were endowed our Creator with certain unalienable rights. We should do the same."

And that, he says, is why Christians need to come out to vote in record numbers tomorrow.

"Now is not the time for indifference or sitting on the sidelines of the battlefield," he urges. "We need American churches and Christians to awaken not only to their First Amendment rights, but even more importantly to their righteous role in our republic, which includes their God-given right to vote."

Read his full column here.

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