Christians Are Targeted For Not Baking Cakes, But THIS Religion Gets A Free Pass For Terrorist Attacks

Some Christians decline to participate in gay weddings for personal and religious reasons and are fined, their businesses shut down, and are attacked publicly as “bigots” and “homophobes.”

On the other hand, a radical Islamic terrorist announces his intentions and blatantly targets and massacres 50 people in a gay nightclub and injures at least 50 more. He is not blamed. His religion and ideology are given a pass. Obama and Hillary pander and beg to the public to not connect the dots between the shooter and Islam in spite of his own personal declarations.

Certain liberal media outlets were practically begging on air for the shooter to be a white Christian male so that they could further the agenda that somehow believing in Jesus and not openly embracing the gay lifestyle is the same as targeting and attacking gay people. That is completely false.

The double standard is beyond unfair, it is downright dangerous. It is a clear sign of an all out attack towards Christianity in the country. There is no other way to put it. A Muslim man targets gays specifically and the president downplays it while liberal media pundits and politicians try to change the narrative to gun control and conservative policies.

No true conservative or true follower of Christ attacks people whose lifestyle they disagree with. Instead, conservatives and Christians seek only to not have their voices silenced and freedoms trampled on.

It is clear that Liberal America is at a crossroads now. Their heads are spinning. One of the most protected groups in America attacked the other most protected group in America. The shooter was a Muslim Democrat who was inspired by ISIS and targeted gay people specifically. Instead of examining how this shooter used Islam as justification for his heinous crimes, liberals rushed to censor the truth and blame guns and Christians.

Why do you think liberals are giving Islam a free pass and blaming Christians?

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