Chelsea Clinton Said WHAT?!

See how quickly you can spot at least one problem with a pro-abortion statement Bill and Hillary Clinton's 36-year-old daughter Chelsea made while campaigning for her mother in Poughkeepsie, New York a few days ago, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal: "A woman's right to chose is at the core of our human rights and what should be equity in our country."


Equity? Equity for whom? Which inequality does abortion solve in our country? And who determined that it's a fundamental human right?

Chelsea also made another statement that is much easier to smirk at.

She repeated a declaration she made back in February, according to the Post-Bulletin, saying, "I believe this is the most important election of my lifetime."

Sounds a little insulting to Bill's presidency. Chelsea was 12 during the election cycle for his first term and 16 during his second.

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