Carly Fiorina Schools Katie Couric On The Realities Of Climate Change

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina sat down with Katie Couric recently.  Couric asked Fiorina about her views on climate change.

“I think we have to read all the fine print”, Fiorina replied, “Everyone of the scientists that tell us that climate change is real and being caused by man made activity, also tell us that a single nation acting alone can make no difference at all.  So when I see a state like California destroy lives and livelihoods with environmental regulation that will make no difference at all to climate change, when I see the Obama administration take that same regulation and apply it nationally, it will make no difference at all and we will destroy people’s lives and livelihoods.  I wonder, why are we doing this when it won’t have any impact?  I think the answer to this problem is innovation, not regulation.”

Fiorina makes it clear to Couric that she supports innovation and the pursuit of clean coal technology.  “Coal provides half the energy in this nation still, not to mention around the world.  So to say we are going to basically outlaw coal, which is what this administration has done is so self defeating.”

The way Fiorina handles Couric and the questions makes her look like a very strong and formidable candidate.

What do you think of Fiorina?  Do you agree with her views on climate change and innovation?

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