Candace Cameron Bure: THIS Is Why You Should Still Vote Even If You Don't Like Trump

A decision by former presidential candidate Jeb Bush to not vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the sole presumptive nominees of either party, has once again stirred the debate over whether Republicans who don't like Trump should vote for him or stay home because no candidate who has a good shot at the White House shares enough of their beliefs.

When the topic came up this week on "The View," politically conservative co-host Candace Cameron Bure spoke up.

She said, "I've talked about how conflicted I am. I'm not happy with the ultimate choices that we're left with, but I'm still going to go out there and vote because I do believe that it's my right. And I think there are other things we have to consider. There's going to be three to four Supreme Court justice seats that are open. That is going to be a big deal of what party gets into the presidency. And then there's the congressional power. There's also the seats in Congress. And I think a lot of people who don't show up to vote for the president then forget that there's all these other people we get to vote into Congress. So you're giving up so much just because you don't like the candidate choices."

Does she make a good point?

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