Candace Cameron Bure Has A New Mission

Candace Cameron Bure, co-host of "The View" and star of "Fuller House," has a new mission: To help teens grow into smart, confident women.


According to UPI, the outspoken Christian and political conservative is teaming up with her teenage daughter Natasha to write a teen advice column, beginning in the May issue, for J-14 Magazine.

In a statement, Candace expressed, "Natasha and I can't wait to team up and pass along our generational experiences to readers of J-14! Natasha will be able to relate to what it is like to be a teen in 2016, offering quick and current advice. I'll offer advice from a mother/adult perspective, but let's not forget... I was a teen once, too!"

Senior editor Brittany Galla is thrilled with the new addition, saying, "With her heartfelt and thoughtful advice — as well as having her daughter Natasha as her sounding board — Candace is the perfect person to provide her insight to our readers."

According to Refinery 29, Candace and Natasha will focus on subjects ranging from "bulling" to "sending racy photos to boys."

Do you think Candace a good choice for this?

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