Candace Cameron Bure Drops BOMBSHELL!

On "The View" today, co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's mockery of John Kasich's eating habits as a critical example of what GOP candidates are focusing on.

"This guy takes a pancake, and he's shoving it into his mouth. It's disgusting! Do you want that for your president? I don't think so!" Trump asked a laughing crowd yesterday.

Amidst the mockery from "The View" crowd and it's largely liberal co-hosts, conservative Republican Candace Cameron Bure spoke up.

"It's that can be," she began to say, "[but] it's so not funny. It's just heartbreaking."

"As a Republican, it must hurt your feelings," co-host Joy Behar commented to a laughing studio audience.

"It doesn't hurt my feelings," Candace replied. "It's incredibly disappointing. And you listen to Donald talk about how unpresidential John is eating... How unpresidential are you being by pointing that out, Donald?"

"Give him a tongue-lashing, Candace!" Joy egged her on.

"I would like to see some maturity amongst the candidates!" Candace insisted, shifting to Donald's opponents as well. "And I'm not seeing that within our party. And then with Kasich and Cruz and they're teaming up and it's not going well, I'm like, 'Of course it's not going well, because everybody is out for themselves — not for the country. They're interested in [themselves] more than the vote for the delegates."

Then Candace dropped a bombshell on national television.

"I'm disappointed in my party!" she admitted.

What do you think of this?

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