California Just Can’t Stop Banning Things, Adds THESE Two New Bans To The List

A pen in the hands of a politician is the most dangerous thing.  In California, governor Jerry Brown can’t help himself.  Every day brings about a new ban.  In the land of freedom, very little is free anymore. 


In a misguided attempt to make schools safer, Brown issued a new decree with the tip of his pen.  According to the Sacramento Bee, Brown signed legislation this past Saturday banning concealed weapons on all school campuses throughout California and within 1000 feet of those campuses.  California already had some of the strictest gun laws in the country and they haven’t deterred any school shooters.

That means that if a criminal (who clearly doesn’t follow the law) were to storm into a school, they would do so knowing that there is no one there to try and stop him.  The criminal would have free reign to attack the schools until the cops showed up. 

California now joins 19 other states that have made transformed all campuses into gun free zones.  If criminals were law-abiding citizens this could be hailed as a victory, but in reality one fails to see how this makes anyone safer.

Guns are not the only thing that Brown has banned.  According to Breitbart, on Sunday, Brown also banned any sports team in California from using “Redskins” as their name and mascot.

People are so afraid to offend anyone that they are willing to put a ban in place.  The "Redskin" ban was signed into law despite the Tule River Tribal Council’s objection to the ban.  Tribal chairman Neil Peyron wrote a letter to Brown noting that the school “uses its mascot as a sign of pride and honor” and that the tribe “supports the school district’s use of its mascot in this way.”

Unfortunately for them, the pen is mightier than the pride.  I wonder and fear what Brown will bring down the pen upon next.

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