'Bucket List Baby' Celebrated And Grieved

Jenna and Dan Haley welcomed their son Shane into the world Thursday and a few hours later had to say goodbye. By the time of his birth, Shane had already experienced a "bucket list" of fun activities with his parents, from the Jersey Shore to the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan. 

Baby Shane was diagnosed in the womb with anencephaly, a condition where a portion of the brain and skull do not develop, often leaving brain tissue exposed. Babies with anencephaly usually live a few hours to a few days, at most.


Jenna and Dan decided they wanted to give Shane the most wonderful life they could in their short time with him. They composed a list of activities they wanted to do with him before he was born and completed it just before his birth Thursday. 

Shane was born at 2:25 a.m. He was baptized and held by each family member, and he passed away peacefully at 6:15 a.m. in his mother's arms. The couple posted Facebook updates about Shane and more than 700,000 people followed their difficult journey.

On their Facebook page, the couple said "Shane spent his entire life in the arms of people that loved him unconditionally and I don’t think you could ask for a more beautiful life then that."

In a recent CBS article, Shane's father Dan said, "One thing we would want people to take away is that each human life is so valuable and that it's important to live each day to its fullest potential."

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