BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Shocking Ruling On Abortion

On Monday the Supreme Court turned against mothers and children in a 5-3 vote that tore apart a Texas law had been put in place to regulate abortion facilities. 

The law had required all abortion facilities to operate as if they were certified and regulated “ambulatory surgical centers.”  According to Fox, that meant that the abortion facility would have had to operate under the same health standards and regulations as a hospital or medical facility.

The anti-life groups and individuals that brought the case before the Supreme Court argued that the law was making it harder on women to have abortions because the facilities now had to operate under proper medical standards.

By striking down Texas’ law, the unelected Supreme Court justices in effect told the country that health regulations are making it less convenient for women to kill their babies and that they should have unregulated and free access to do so.

What a sad and disgraceful day for our country.

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