BREAKING: Sarah Palin Under Consideration For MAJOR Position In Trump Administration

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters throughout the entire election process.


Palin campaigned with Trump ahead of Iowa during the Republican primaries and has remained steadfast in her support. It appears that her loyalty to and support of Trump might pay off in the form of a position in Trump’s administration.

Recent reports have linked Palin to being considered for the position of Secretary of the Veterans Administration. According to a tweet from ABC, sources have indicated that Palin is a top nominee for the position.


The VA has come under severe scrutiny during Obama’s presidency for poor care and extremely long wait times that have led to the deaths of veterans who were not able to receive treatment in time.

It is clear that the VA needs a complete overhaul. Do you believe that Palin is the person to lead the way? 

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