BREAKING NEWS: Shooting At UCLA, Hundreds Of Officers Responding

UPDATE at 12:30 P.M. PACIFIC — According to the Hollywood Reporter, police have found evidence of a suicide note and believe the two men killed may have been part of a murder-suicide incident. 

UPDATE AT 11:22 A.M. PACIFIC — The LAPD has confirmed at least two fatalities. Police are still looking for the shooter or shooters.

Hundreds of officers have responded to reports of a shooting at UCLA, and details are still sketchy.

According to the LA Times, university spokesman Todd Tamberg said at least two people were shot on the Westwood, California campus. The campus is currently in lockdown, and the entire city of Los Angeles is on tactical alert.


FBI and ATF are assisting police as students are being led away from the scene with their hands above their heads.

Student Mehwish Khan describes the panicked that ensued as shots were fired, saying, "The whole campus just started running and I started running too."

Footage shows at least one person being wheeled away on a stretcher, but there has not be an official report on the condition of the victims.

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