BREAKING NEWS: Marco Rubio Makes Stunning Announcement

Marco Rubio on Tuesday morning made a stunning announcement.


It has long been assumed that he would stay in the race if he won Florida and drop out if he lost Florida. His dropping out would help Ted Cruz enormously. Right now, the anti-Trump vote is split between Cruz, Rubio and Kasich.

If Rubio dropped out, and if Kasich did as well, that would leave a two man race between Trump and Cruz and would give Cruz a much better chance of catching Trump in the delegate race.

What is the stunning announcement? Marco Rubio just announced that — whether he wins or loses in Florida — he will continue his campaign! Since polls show he is losing in Florida, it had been assumed Rubio would probably drop out of the race if he loses.

If he does indeed stay in, this is potentially a huge blow to Ted Cruz — and possibly a huge gift to Donald Trump. If the opposition to him stays fragmented, he will potentially win more states and be closer to the nomination.

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