BREAKING NEWS: 'Boycott Target Pledge' Reaches MAJOR Milestone!

Over 1 million voices have now been heard, and they're calling for Target's "inclusivity" bathroom nonsense to end before they'll ever shop there again.


As of 10:45 a.m. Central, the American Family Association has received over 1,022,000 signatures on its "Boycott Target Pledge" after the retailer announced that all of its multiple occupancy restrooms and fitting rooms were essentially open to either gender.

Yet according to NBC News, many industry analysts don't think the loss of business will have a damaging affect on Target.

Telsey Advisory Group senior managing director Joe Feldman said, "I don't foresee this having a material impact on sales or earnings."

Witeck Communications, Inc. president Bob Witeck added, "If you look historically at corporations attacked or boycotted, there's no empirical or market evidence that they ever suffered any specific losses. None of these boycotts have legs; they don't last for a long time."

But that doesn't mean this one couldn't. Market analyst Brian Nichols of InvestorPlace pointed out that Target's revenues were already projected to decrease 3% this year as competition intensifies from, Walmart, and Kroger.

YouGov BrandIndex surveyed consumers and found 4% of those polled were already boycotting Target. Added to that are the many people across the social media spectrum who have vocalized their displeasure with Target's new policy and will hesitate to shop there again but have not signed the pledge.

Feldman believes Target is trying to boost their sales by attracting the younger generation it sees as, by-in-large, pro-LGBT, saying, "To the extent that Target is trying to resonate with millennials … presumably, this helps promote that."

Time will tell.

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