BREAKING: Fugitive Paris Terrorist Captured Alive!

On the run since November of last year, radical Islamic terrorist Salah Abdeslam was captured on Friday in Molenbeek, Belgium after a shoot-out with authorities.


Abdeslam was one of terrorists responsible for the brutal November 13 attacks that left 130 people dead throughout Paris.  According to Fox News, the rest of the attackers died the same night, however, Abdeslam managed to escape the city.  His escape set off an international manhunt but until yesterday he had not been seen.

The capture of Abdeslam on Friday stems from a raid on Tuesday in which his fingerprints were found in a nearby apartment.  Two suspects managed to escape on Tuesday and it is not known if Abdeslam was one of the suspects.  Inside the apartment, authorities found an ISIS banner along with rifles and other assorted weapons.

The details of Friday’s raid are still trickling in, but thankfully another terrorist has been neutralized and will be made to answer for his crimes.

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