BREAKING: Ben Carson Has THIS To Say About Harriet Tubman Being Added To $20

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson believes abolitionist Harriet Tubman deserves a place on U.S. currency, but he doesn't think she should be on the $20 bill.


According to Politico, Carson believes she's a better choice for the $2 bill instead. The little-used bill, which is still in circulation, currently bears the face of Thomas Jefferson.

"I love Harriet Tubman," Carson told Neil Cavuto during a Fox Business interview, "I love what she did, but we can find another way to honor her. Maybe a $2 bill. I think Andrew Jackson was a tremendous secretary — I mean a tremendous president. I mean, Andrew Jackson was the last president who actually balanced the federal budget, where we had no national debt."

What do you think about what Carson said?

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