BREAKING: 2 Troopers Targeted, 4 Other People Shot in Richmond, Virginia

UPDATE AT 4:57 P.M. EASTERN — An official Virginia State Police press conference has revealed new details and corrected earlier reports that were in error. One trooper is in life-threatening condition is not deceased as earlier thought. He was talking with the suspect when the suspect drew a gun and shot him. Two other troopers returned fire and killed the suspect. Two civilians were also transported to a hospital for non-life threatening gunshot wounds. At least one other person was injured, putting the total of people shot by the suspect at four instead of six.

Two Virginia State Police troopers, a woman, and three other people were shot at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond, Virginia, according to NBC affiliate WWBT. One of the troopers and at least one other person sustained critical injuries.


Troopers were at the bus station for a training exercise when gunfire broke out. According to CBS affiliate WTVR, sources are reporting that the suspect specifically targeted the troopers. The troopers fired back, and the suspect has died.

Prayers for these troopers and the other victims shot!

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