BOOM! Oklahoma STRIKES BACK Again Against Obama Bathroom Rules

After the Obama administration directed public schools across America to open up girls' bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams to males if they self-identify as female, the legislature of Oklahoma spoke up in a huge way, calling for Obama's impeachment on the basis of his extreme federal overreach and disregard for the safety of young women.

While that move was highly symbolic, the Oklahoma legislature — which also sent a bill to the governor's desk in hopes of outlawing abortion — made another bold move today to protect students who don't want to share bathrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite sex.


According to the New York Times, Oklahoma introduced another bill that allows students to demand single-gender facilities so as to not violate their religious beliefs. These "religious accommodations" would give devout believers a safe place to shower, change, and take care of business around members of the same gender rather than opposite gender. The bill demands that multi-occupancy facilities be made available for these students, not just single-occupancy facilities.

The bill appears to intentionally mimic similar directives that demand those accommodations for transgender students.

What do you think about this new bill?

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