Ben Carson Reveals The One Thing America Must Be Willing To Stand For

Retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, has spent the past week defending his past transgression and his faith in Christ from the attacks by Democrats and the mainstream media.  He recently revealed what is truly going on with the media.


In a speech given to Liberty University students the day after the Fox Business Debate, Carson told the crowd the reason the media has focused their attacks on him.  “I have clung to that through all kinds of adversity.  When so many in the media want to bring me down, because I represent something that they can’t stand,” Carson said.

According to the Washington Post, Carson also told the crowd to not give in to the liberal agenda that is sweeping the news and the country.  “The secular progressives don’t care whether you agree with them or not, as long as you sit down and keep your mouth shut,” Carson said, “I believe the secret to the power of this nation is: we must be willing to stand up for what we believe in.”

Over 12 thousand people were in attendance to hear Carson speak.  The rally started with prayer and songs of worship.  The event ended with Carson asking the people to pray that the eyes of the nation are opened to what is going on in the country. 

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