Ben Carson: Black People Have Been Manipulated By Politicians For Far Too Long

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson feels that black people have been manipulated by politicians to gain votes for far too long, and he wants it to stop.

According to The Hill, the former neurosurgeon spoke with conservative radio talk show host Mike Gallagher on Tuesday and told him that he believes the black community is constantly being told what to think and what to say, and he believes that the liberal media is also to blame.

Carson lamented, “I long for the day when the media realizes that the reason that they’re the only business that is protected by the Constitution is because it is intended to be for the people,” but he feels that the media has used itself as a tool for manipulating the black community into voting for Democrats.


In response, he believes that as president he can bring people together rather than continuing to divide them.

Carson explained: “We need a commander in chief that understands that and tries to promote our unity and not our divisions."

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