Behind The Scenes With The Duggars, One Thing's For Sure...

The news was everywhere on Thursday: Josh Duggar was exposed for cheating on his wife, Anna, by the recent hacking of an adultery website.


The news shocked many, as Josh Duggar had been a public voice for family values and had just said how he had healed from molesting girls as a juvenile.  Josh and Anna also just had their 4th child about one month ago.

It is very hard for Duggar fans to watch this horrific and despicable catastrophe unfold and know how to respond.

There are a lot of questions: Did having a TV show set Josh up for this catastrophe?  How long had this been going on?  Did more people behind the scenes know about his actions?  What's going to happen with Anna and the kids?

You probably feel sadness, disgust, mistrust, betrayal, anger, and confusion.  But one thing is for certain: The entire Duggar family needs prayer!

To have this ugly situation play out on tabloids and be blasted across social media must be excruciating.  And for Josh Duggar's family, there are no easy answers.  Anna will have an incredibly hard road ahead of her, and Josh's kids will have to live with this legacy of their father.

Instead of engaging in tearing the entire family down even further, we should all pray for the Duggars: That God will comfort the members of the family right now and bring upon his incredible healing power.

Here is a statement from Jim Bob and Michelle from their family blog:

"When we learned of this late last night our hearts were broken.  As we continue to place our trust in God we ask for your prayers for Josh, Anna, our grandchildren and our entire family."

Will you pray with us for the Duggar family?  

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