Bank Robbing Couple Thought It Would Be Safe To Post Photos Of Loot On Facebook

Be sure your sins will find you out. And sometimes you can make it a lot easier, like a couple accused of robbing in a bank in Ashville, Ohio.

According to Fox News, authorities in Pickaway County say John Mogan and Ashley Duboe stole cash from the Savings Bank. Duboe waited in the getaway car while Mogan, under heavy disguise, robbed a teller.

But the couple did nothing to disguise their actions from the rest of the world afterwards. They post photos of themselves on Facebook posing with wads of cash, at one point even sticking a brick of bills in Mogan's mouth.

A caption under that photo reportedly read, “That's called a McStack. I'm doing rrree=aaaaalll) good.”


It was an easy task for the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office to find the bank robbers after a Crime Stoppers tip pointed them to Mogan's Facebook page.

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