As Dems Call Trump’s Wall Racist, Obama Spends THIS Much To Secure Mexico’s Southern Border

Liberal politicians and pundits have screamed “Racism!” at Trump’s plan to secure the border between the United States and Mexico. They say it’s un-American to make sure that people come into the country legally. Some even go as far as to demand open borders.

In the midst of the name calling and personal attacks lobbed at Trump over his plan to protect Americans, liberals are ignoring the glaring hypocrisy of the Obama administration when it comes to the border and illegal immigration.

Tens of millions of American dollars are being spent to secure Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala and Belize. According to the Daily Caller, the Obama administration has given Mexico $75 million dollars for their border security.

“The State Department has provided $15 million in equipment and training assistance, including NII equipment, mobile kiosks, canine teams, and training for INAMI officials in the southern border region. It plans to spend at least $75 million in that area,” the Congressional Research Service uncovered in a February 2016 report.

The Obama administration is calling their deal with INAMI (Mexico’s National Institute of Migration) an “unprecedented partnership between the United States and Mexico to fight organized crime and associated violence while furthering respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

If it is un-American for Trump to want to build a wall to protect America’s border, what does it make Obama that he gives American money to other countries to secure their own borders?

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