Amidst Calls For More Gun Control, Robertsons Speak Out

It's no secret the Robertson family — stars of "Duck Dynasty" — love guns. But they've done more to promote the right to bear arms than just shoot ducks with them. They've taken a verbal stand as well, especially amidst calls for more gun control in the wake of mass shootings.


According to Gospel Herald, here's what they've had to say:

Willie: Willie said, "Guns are regulated. If you go to buy a gun, believe me, it's regulated. Guns are in hands of mostly good people, just like police officers are mostly good people. Yes, there are bad ones. But you can't make a sweeping take-away-the-whole-Second-Amendment over this."
Jase: Willie's brother acknowledges that taking away guns in the wake of school shootings seems like the compassionate choice, but he doesn't see gun-free zones as the answer. "In my opinion I think, the more people that are armed with good intentions, the better off you are.... It just seems its giving power to people with evil intentions if they can go to a gun free area and they are the only ones with a gun."
Si: Willie's uncle has said, "It ain't gun control we need; it's sin control," to which Phil added, "Self-control and sin control."
Phil: Willie's dad told US Weekly, "It's never been a weapons problem. It's a human heart condition of anger and hatred. If people loved God and loved each other, the last thing you would ever contemplate is to murder your neighbor."

Do you think they make a good argument?

Watch Willie talk about gun control during a recent FOX interview:

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