Americans Consistently Trust Local Government Over State, Federal

According to a recent Gallup poll, local government continues to gain more trust from Americans than state or federal government.  This trend includes all major political parties and has been consistent since 2001.

The poll, released last week, also showed that 81% of Republicans feel great confidence in local government. The percentage is higher than usual, even though Republicans have historically championed local government and criticized the large bureaucracy of federal government. Democrats and Independents fell behind Republicans in their trust of local government by more than 10%. 

This trend of confidence in local government by Republicans could partly reflect the fact that the national government positions -- the White House and U.S. Senate -- have been held by Democrats during this term.  In recent years, Republicans have seen most of their strong leaders on the local and state levels, as that is where they have been able to garner more influence.  

Polls indicate a widening gap in the philosophy of government between Democrats and Republicans.  

What are your thoughts on the reliability of local government versus national government?  Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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