After Trump Victory, Secession Movement EXPLODES In 1 State

In numerous cities across our nation today, large groups of protesters — many of them young — abandoned schools, took to the streets, and blocked roads as they protested President-Elect Donald Trump's victory. But protesters in California took it to the next level, throwing fuel onto the fire of a simmering secession movement and making #calexit go viral.


According Business Insider, the new Calexit movement — inspired by the British "Brexit" away from the European Union — wants California to become its own nation so that it doesn't have to live under a Trump presidency. And the movement has roots in efforts that were in place before the election built up steam.


"What's going on in the US politically and culturally is so different from what's happening here," explained Yes California Independence Campaign president Louis Marinelli last year. "I want California to be all it can, and our group feels the political and cultural connection to the US is holding us back from our potential."


Some conservatives have pointed out that California consistently pledges a massive 55 electoral college votes to every Democrat presidential nominee. If Democrats lost those votes, a Republican candidate could be a shoe-in for future elections. It's also been pointed out that the ongoing flood of Californians into other states would be slowed by a required immigration process.

As for the hashtag social justice warriors flooding the internet today with #calexit, here are some common sentiments:

— @LeasLame: "We'll just take our avocados and legal weed and go#CalExit"

— @theresaireland: "#Calexit I'm all in for this! We're basically in our own little world anyway. And let's elect #BernieSanders as our supreme leader!"

— @lindseykate97: "never have I been so fortunate to be a Californian & not living in a place that's brutally racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. etc #calexit"

Some of the supporters suggested taking Oregon, Washington, and even Nevada with them, eliminating 25 more electoral votes from U.S. elections that went to Hillary Clinton last night. While California itself impressively has the sixth highest GDP in the world and supplies a large amount of the produce and technology the rest of the nation enjoys, many critics pointed out that the state relies heavily on other states for its drinking water.

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