After Proclaiming That ‘All Lives Matter’, Texas Student Gets Hit With MASSIVE Backlash And Forced To Do THIS

These days there is nothing more stifling to freedom of speech or common sense than a college campus. A student in Texas is learning the hard way that having a conservative opinion will be met with harsh consequences.

After a black supremacist took ‘Black Lives Matter’ rhetoric to heart and murdered 5 police officers in Dallas on July 7th, a student government leader at the University of Houston tweeted out “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.”

Rohini Sethi, the Vice President of the student government deleted her tweet shortly after posting it due to hatred from liberal students. According to the Daily Caller, the removal of the tweet wasn’t enough. They wanted her forcibly removed from the school. “Just for her to say, ‘forget Black Lives Matter,’ is a punch in the stomach,” one of the offended students cried.

Caving in to the social pressure, the student President suspended Rohini and her constitutionally protected rights from the student government for 50 days. He also decreed that she attend a 3 day diversity workshop, attend 3 separate university “cultural events,” write a letter of “reflection” on her words, and also give a public presentation about the force-fed propaganda she will be receiving on cultural issues that society faces.

If Sethi fails to meet the dictator’s requirements, she will be kicked out of the student government permanently. The president justified his disdain for having all lives be considered equal by saying, “the first amendment prevents a person from being jailed by the government for what they say. But it does not prevent people from receiving other consequences for what they say.”

Do you think the university and the student “president” have gone too far?

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