After Jesus, Who Is Mentioned The Most Times In The Bible?

Jesus is the most mentioned person in the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, His role is evident throughout Scripture, even long before He appeared in an earthly body in the New Testament. But who is mentioned the second most times?


Not surprisingly, it's David, who God chose to play a big role for Israel and be a key figure in Christ's earthly genealogy. According to, David is mentioned 1,139 times in the Bible. He reigned as king for 40 years, first over Judah, then over both Israel and Judah.

Acts 13:22 reminds us that God chose David over Saul because David was "a man after My own heart."

Although David was certainly not immune from sinning — even terribly — God used him, as II Samuel 5:2 says, to "shepherd My people Israel, and be ruler over Israel."

May we be people who seek after God's own heart who can be used greatly by him.

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