After Hillary Clinton Bashes President Trump, Trump’s Son Reminds Her of One Thing

May 31, 2017

Since Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump, she continues to blame the loss on other factors such as Russia and misogyny. During multiple recent interviews, she refuses to take any of the blame for the election loss, as well as bash our current president.

In response, Trump called her out on Wednesday. He mentioned that she ‘blames everyone but herself’.

Clinton then responded to Trump’s tweet shortly after. She attempted to make fun of the president for his earlier usage of the word ‘covfefe’.

Earlier, Trump reportedly made a typo when posting a tweet around midnight the evening before. The tweet, which is now deleted said, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Many believed he meant to type the word ‘coverage’, but fell asleep.

Later, Trump posted a new tweet, challenging his followers to figure out the meaning of the word ‘covfefe’, implying it was not a typo. Sean Spicer even mentioned in a press conference that some people in the White House know what ‘covfefe’ means.

Trump's son chimed in after Clinton bashed his father, reminding her of one simple fact...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.