After Castro BLASTS America In Ironic Speech, Obama Says THIS!

Obama continued his apology tour while in Cuba on Monday by allowing communist dictator Raul Castro to lecture him on what America is doing wrong as well as pretending that Cuba hasn’t committed any human rights violations.


According to CNN, Castro committed laughable acts of irony when during a press conference he badgered the United States, saying that America was failing because of “inadequate health care” and “lower pay for women.”  When Castro was asked about their political prisoners, he changed his tune.  “Give me a list of political prisoners and I will release them immediately,” Castro said.

Castro then abruptly ended the question and answer portion of the press conference when he was asked for the second time about the heinous crimes and massive human rights violations that his regime has committed.

Despite the Castro regime’s unwillingness to acknowledge their record of silencing and torturing political dissidents, Obama was eager to open up trade with the communist country.  “I told president Castro that we are moving forward and not looking backwards,” Obama said. “We will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe in. America believes in democracy. We believe that freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, are not just American values but universal values.”

Back in the United States, Obama faces a major backlash from a large number of lawmakers and conservative Americans as well as Cuban immigrants who had fled the oppressive regime.

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