After Atheist Group Gets Prayers Stopped At Sports Games, Christians Find Way Around Ban

In the eyes of the Freedom From Religion group, students in Piedmont City, Alabama were doing the unthinkable. They were leading public prayers at sports games.

According to Education Action News, the atheist group moved quickly to pressure the school district to ban the tradition. Afraid of legal action, the district agreed, ending the athletic event prayers even though they're entirely voluntary.


The ban prohibits prayers from being spoken over the loudspeaker, but the local high school came up with a creative solution the circumvent it. They instituted a moment of silence before each game, announced over the loudspeaker. With the audience quiet, the players who wish to still pray come out onto the field and pray loudly so others can hear.

In response, the Freedom From Religion group targeted the name of the city's "Keep Christ in Christmas" parade instead. After the city agreed to change the name, the people of Piedmont took matters into their own hands and marched in the parade while waving "Keep Christ in Christmas" signs.

It's sad that we live in an American now where Christians must exploit loopholes to express their faith in public.

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