Actress Calls Out Hollywood For Their Views Over Faith

Mayim Bialik, one of the stars of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory”, is Jewish and deeply religious.  She practices her faith even though it is not seen as compatible with the Hollywood lifestyle.


According to a recent Fox news article, Bialik visited Israel and was vilified on social media, "Simply by going to Israel this summer and saying nothing more than, 'I've gone to Israel,' I got the same amount of hatred and threats and anti-Semitism for actually making a statement trying to support people whether I like it or not are serving in an army."

Bialik has come to terms with what it means to be a practicing member of faith and juggle a career in ultra liberal Hollywood at the same time, "I think in general it's never going to be trendy to be observant or religious in Hollywood circles.  There are people I know of faith and we tend to congregate together. I study Jewish texts weekly. That's something really positive to me when you're a person of faith, it stays with you all the time."

Bialik elaborated, "I have an unwavering faith in a power greater than myself and I don't think that will change any more than my belief in gravity will change.  In terms of observance, my social media shuts down for the Sabbath and sometimes we go to synagogue, sometimes we stay at home and we do Sabbath dinners.”

It is not enough for Bialik to read the just read the texts and observe the Sabbath, she also believes in being modest in her appearance.  “Being a modest dresser, that for me is a certain amount of my religious faith -- privacy and chastity. Just because I have a body, doesn’t mean it means to be on display."

It is very refreshing to hear a celebrity stand firmly in line with their values and to live according to their faith!

What do you think?  We would love to hear your thoughts!

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