A School Standoff You Probably Didn't Hear About

There are some school standoffs you don't hear much about because a good guy was on scene ready to intervene.

According to KTVA CBS 11 News, that was the case at West High School on Tuesday in Anchorage, Alaska.

Authorities say Kalepo Timoteo, 39, and a woman entered the school demanding to see his children after believing one of them had walked away from the campus.

When the school staff assured him that all his kids were on campus, Timoteo demanded to see them and pointed a gun at the woman, who was the children's mother.


That's when school resource officer Ben Yoon showed up and stepped in between the armed man and the woman. Yoon was able to peacefully defuse the situation, which, as Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Castro reported, "was resolved in about three minutes."

The children's mother later explained that Timoteo is bipolar and off his medication and had threatened to shoot her earlier.

The incident was over so quickly a school lock down was unnecessary, and the school district thanked Yoon for his fast response.

Castro emphasized the importance of SROs: “This incident serves as a reminder of the value of having police officers in our schools to be able to respond quickly to dangerous situations, keeping our students and educators safe. Timing is everything."

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