A Picture Says A Thousand Words: Mugshot Of Tad Cummins Just Released

An old saying says that a picture tells a thousand words. This is certainly the case after the mugshot of Tad Cummins was just released.

Authorities were able to successfully capture Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas on Thursday in a remote area of northern California. Cummins had been on the run, after kidnapping Thomas, for nearly 6 weeks.

His mugshot photo shows a man who looks completely disheveled and exhausted. The photo makes it appear that Cummins has tried to alter his appearance. It also appears he hasn't groomed himself for a while since his hair is messy and his beard long.


Take a look at his mugshot in the image above and let us know your thoughts about it on our Facebook page.

Also, for more information about the case, please watch the new video below.

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