CNN Under Attack After Literally Eating Human Brains On Air...SERIOUSLY


Reza Aslan was filming a new series on spirituality for CNN when he met the Aghori Hindu in India.

The 500-year old sect is known for their bizarre beliefs and extreme rituals, involving cannibalism. Watch the video below to see CNN host, Reza Aslan, face to face with the cannibals while filming.

At one point, Aslan covers his face in the ashes of a burned body and then drinks from a human skull. Finally, he eats a piece of a human brain and says it tastes like "charcoal".

Many have attacked CNN for the documentary, saying it is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Others feel that showing a CNN host eating what is said to be cooked brains was inappropriate and should not be promoted. 

Watch the video below to hear Mark Dice give his feedback on the clip.

What do you think about all of this? Was this too far?

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