A “Devastating Witness” Emerges In Clinton Email Scandal That Could Change Everything

A source within the intelligence community has called former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano a “devastating witness.”

Pagliano recently was granted immunity by the Justice Department in exchange for his testimony regarding how Clinton’s personal and unlawful server and email system was set up.  According to Fox News, the source revealed that Pagliano’s “importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized.”

Pagliano is providing information to the FBI in order to help their investigators follow the trail of evidence on her server system.  “Brian Pagliano is a devastating witness,” the source said, “and as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to Clinton’s computer and devices at specific times.”

Despite the lingering scandal and looming indictment, Hillary continues to brush off aside her potentially damaging security breaches.  She was asked at the last Democratic debate if she would withdraw from the presidential race if she were indicted.

“My goodness. That is not going to happen,” Clinton answered. “I’m not even answering that question.” 

It is probably best that Clinton doesn’t answer any questions regarding her email scandal because as the saying goes, “Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law.”

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