All-Star Player Who Helped Team to Baseball World Series Dies in Napa, California

October 13, 2017Oct 13, 2017

One of the best fielders in major league baseball history has passed away at his home in Napa, California. Jim Landis has died at the age...

Hollywood Actress Announces Her Engagement to British Actor Boyfriend

October 13, 2017Oct 13, 2017

“27 Dresses” actress Malin Akerman just revealed that she got engaged, reported People. On Friday, she said “Yes,” to her British actor boyfriend Jack Donnelly. She...

Joe Biden Announces The Fate He Wants For Harvey Weinstein

October 13, 2017Oct 13, 2017

Media reports have recently accused Harvey, using the testimonies of a large number of female celebrities, of sexual harassment, assault, and rape over the course of a...