Hillary Clinton Unloads on Obama, Biden, Sanders in New Book

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Although it isn't schedule for release until next week, Hillary Clinton's new book has been making headlines. Her book, titled "What Happened," provides Clinton's personal reflections...

Billy Graham's Daughter Just Gave America "Serious" News about God's Judgment

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Many have been asking if God is judging America, after the many national disasters we have been experiencing just following the total solar eclipse. Hurricane Harvey,...

Former NFL Star Yanks Son Off College Football Team After He Gets Caught Doing This

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

In today’s culture, doing what’s truly best for you child is becoming rarer. Now, one famous NFL star is setting the example for other parents to...