6 Reasons Phil Robertson—and Duck Dynasty—Are So Popular

Duck Dynasty—and its patriarch Phil Robertson—are in the midst of an enormously popular season 8. What makes them so popular? Here are 6 key reasons.


1. The Robertsons are a family of faith.  They pray at dinner in Jesus' name and are not afraid to say they believe in God (along with 80% of Americans!)

2. Phil is a man of truth.  He speaks his mind and stands for what he believes in and doesn't back down.

3. They are funny.  Just watching them can bring a smile to your face.

4. They are authentic.  With many stars on TV, you feel that it is all artificial.  With Phil and his family, they seem like they would be the same with the cameras on or off.

5. They are not stuck up about money.  Even though their business has made them lots of money, they live like regular people and don't look down on others.

6. They are unusual.  From their hair and beards, to their lifestyle, to liking frogs and ducks and alligators, to their simple pleasures, they exemplify a lifestyle very different from what Hollywood portrays as "normal."

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