3 Things to Watch for in the Debate Tonight

Tuesday's Republican Debate is the next to last before the Iowa primaries.  Here are 3 key potential turning points to watch for.


The Republican debate hosted by CNN on Tuesday Dec. 15th is the next to last of the debates before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1. There will be 9 candidates on the main stage, with 4 participating in an earlier "undercard" debate.

Here are 3 key potential turning points in the debate tonight.

1) Will Trump take on Cruz? Donald has been know to attack anyone who rises near him in the polls, and has been successful in attacking Bush, Perry, Rubio, and Carson. Now Ted Cruz, who has been very friendly to Trump, has risen above Trump in one key Iowa poll, and is in second place to Trump in new national polls. Cruz was also taped saying some things which could be taken as criticisms of Donald. Will Trump attack Cruz in the debate tonight? This could come at any time.

2) Can Carson regain ground? Carson was a strong #2 in the polls and has faded a little to #3, partly on questions of his foreign policy expertise. Tonight will be an opportunity for him to recover ground.

3) Will any other candidate have a break-out moment? Rubio has been in 4th place in many polls; can he impress voters tonight? Fiorina, Kasich, and Christie all have low poll numbers, but Christie has been rising in New Hampshire. Can that translate into momentum on a national stage? And what about Bush? Can he distinguish himself, perhaps as a voice of moderation, and regain some momentum? Look for one or more of these to possibly gain some ground in this key debate.

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