3 Keys to Keep Christ in Christmas

We all know Jesus should be the reason for the season; but what are practical ways we can keep Christ in Christmas?


At this time of year, the great American marketing machine wants all our focus to be on presents. On top of that the "politically correct" crowd wants to stop any mention of Jesus Christ—who should be the center of Christmas!

Here are 3 ways—plus a bonus way!—we can all help keep Jesus Christ as the center of Christmas.

1) Go to church! This sounds simple, but this is a great time of year to take your family and go to church—and maybe invite a friend!

2) Have a "Jesus Birthday Party" for your kids or grandkids. On Christmas eve, you can have a party for Jesus. You could have a cake for Jesus; sing Happy Birthday to Him; sing Christmas carols; and read the Christmas story. Your kids will get the idea "This is Jesus' Birthday!"

3) Do something kind for those in need. Jesus taught us "if you do something for the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto Me." Donate to your church or a great charity; go help out at a homeless shelter; take food or a present to a shut-in; help someone who is alone at Christmas.

And the bonus idea? Just say "Merry Christmas" to lots of people to counter-act the wave of "Happy Holiday" political correctness! And Merry Christmas to you!