10 Things That Are Wonderful About America

In the last election there were arguments about "American Exceptionalism" -- is America really unique?  While we agree that all nations are special in their own ways, here are 10 things about the United States of America that we really cherish.


1) We were founded largely by people who wanted to be free to serve God.

2) We were founded on Judeo Christian principles.

3) We have an incredibly beautiful country from sea to shining sea.

4) We have a strong democracy where the people are free to vote.

5) We have been blessed with more prosperity than any other nation.

6) We have wonderful men and women in our military who protect and guard us.

7) We have the strongest military in the world.

8) We have freedom of speech and religion but we must remain ever vigilant.

9) We are a melting pot of many nations.

10) We have a land of great opportunity for hundreds of millions of people.

What do you love about America?

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